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How To Play - Quickstart

Journey through the game by:

A. Clicking on purple and green links


B. Typing into the command line


That's it! Ready to play? Start Playing Now, or watch this video for a detailed explanation.

Making your own Adventure

Use the command line and the "modify this passage" button to make your own adventure. Watch this tutorial video or read through the steps below.

Command Line

1. Type into text boxes and press enter/return to submit them. This example will use the command punch the robot


2. If the command doesn't exist yet, click the link to define it.

Make new passage.png

3. Type what other adventurers will see when they type the command you defined. Refer to the Formatting Help page for tips on how to make a good passage.


4. Click 'Save Page' and Ta-da! Your passage appears.


To keep going, you can edit and add to your adventure by Modifying your Passage.

Modifying your Passage

If you want to edit your story passage, click the 'Modify this passage button'.


You can edit and enhance your passage with HTML and markdown syntax. Refer to the the Formatting Help page for tips, or watch this this tutorial video series.

😈FYI, you can also edit other existing passages with this button, though some passages are protected by their creator.

NCP encourages you to get weird with it. Ready to get try? Start Playing Now

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