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If this is your first time editing a page, you may want to watch this help video.

Note that you can edit & re-edit your passage as much as you want, so don't be afraid to hit the 'save' button and see how it looks!

Basic Formatting

You can bold, italicize, underline and more using the toolbar at the top of the editor, or with keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+B).


Links are 🔑 major key for making your passage fun. You insert links to:

  • Other existing passages in the game (e.g. 'vista' or 'ARC')
  • Passages that don't exist (yet)
  • ...or any link on the internet!

To add links, click the 🔗 Link icon in the toolbar. For more info on linking, watch this video or check out linking 101.


Images bring a passage to life! Add them with the 🖻 Image icon in the toolbar. Click here for more info on images. Go Back